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Visit the PBS website for NOVA's Tales from the Hive TV program. It is very well done and worth your time to review.

We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience with honeybees. Working with teachers to present honeybees to their students is important to us. The Natiional Honey Board has prepared a Guide for Teachers to use in their classrooms (targeted to grade levels 4 though 6). We are available to teachers for classroom presentations; depending upon the season, we can bring an observation hive to the classroom so students can view honeybees closely.

Recently, we received some kind words from Shelly Humphrey of the New Orleans Rose Society. She and the Rose Society put on seminars for youth about the importance of horticulture. In their study of honeybees and the bee's role in pollinating plants, they came across our web pages. One of the students, Sarah, referred this link to us as having extensive information about honeybees and other stinging insects. Sarah, thank you for the courtesy of your referral.

Here's another link to check which gives a comprehensive overview of beekeeping. Thanks to Julia and Frank for finding this information source and pointing it out to us! We were referred to this link by Alyssa and Sara Barnes. Yet, another link which has its main focus on honey but also covers other aspects of beekeeping.