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Our Operations

The emphasis in our operations is the production of honey. We also sell bee pollen and provide pollination services to local growers. We offer beekeeping supplies on a retail basis. In addition, we sell packaged bees and queen bees.


Our honey is produced from plant nectars collected by our bees in Otero County. It is packaged locally and principally sold in the local trade area. Our honey is completely raw and natural. It is neither heat-treated or filtered. We sell it in extracted (liquid) and in-the-comb forms.

The availabilty and quantity of honey produced is weather dependent. Our harvest fluctuates from year to year. Honey is derived from tamarisk, mesquite, fruit orchard and wildflower blooms which occur from Spring through Fall.

Our honey usually sells out very quickly. As a courtesy to our customers, when product is about ready for market, we will send an email notice to those who have provided us their email address. If you want to receive advance notice, send your email address to: beekeeper@tb-bees.com.

Polllination Service

By advance arrangement with growers, we can make colonies available for the pollination of orchards and field crops. The price and terms are negotiated based upon the crop(s) to be pollinated. Pollination services are performed on a contracted basis. Check our Pollination Information Page for more details.

Bee colonies used for honey production are managed differently than those used for pollination services. Advanced notice is required to prepare colonies for pollination service.

Beekeeping Supplies

We sell and manufacture bee supplies on a limited basis. We purchase supplies in larger quantities than most beekeepers so we can pass them on at a price that represents a savings.

We manufacture most of the wooden ware (hive bodies, supers, bottom boards, etc.) we use in our operation. They are less expensive than those available commercially.

Check our Products & Shopping page for items that are available for resale. Contact Us if you have a request or want to investigate savings from a consolidated purchase of bee supplies.


Occasionaly, we can sell honeybees to hobby beekeepers. The availability of honeybees for purchase is seasonal. Call if you have an interest in purchasing bees.

Typically, we sell bees in the form of a five-frame "nuc" colony. The colony includes a laying queen and at least two frames with brood. It is a much better way to start a colony than with either package bees or a swarm.

We also sell queen bees. They are raised in our colonies. They descend from European (Italian or Carniolan) honeybee strains. Because they were raised in the Tularosa Basin, they have mated with drones "in the wild."