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A summary description of our product lines appears on the lower portion of this page. To order, select the category of your interest on the left side of this page. As you shop, you may view your cart by clicking the button below. Call or email us if you have any questions about our product offerings.

As a service to our customers, we will send an email notice when a honey harvest is ready for market. If you would like to receive that notice, send us (by email) your email address.

Honey & Bee Pollen: In season, we offer honey and bee pollen harvested from our colonies in the Tularosa Basin.


Wax Products: Using cappings wax taken from the honeycombs of our colonies, we make a variety of products for resale. These include candles, balms, salves and beeswax.

Propolis: Special 'traps' are used to collect propolis from our colonies. Thus, it can be offered for your use free of wax and other materials found in propolis gathered by the usual scraping methods. Accordingly, it is in a form suited to take full advantage of its medicinal properties.

Honeybees: On occasion, we have queen bees available for purchase. These are raised in our beeyards in the Tularosa Basin. Most often, these are mated queens, but virgin queens and queen cells are sometimes available.

We can provide starter bee colonies. They are sold in a five-frame "nuc" box. They are an excellent means to start a full-scale colony as the unit comes with wax drawn combs and the queen is already actively laying eggs.

Bee Supply: We manufacture most of the woodenware used to hive our colonies. These are available for purchase; they are less expensive than those sold by national bee supply houses.