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Our company provides a series of services to our customers, the community and to those interested in honeybees and beekeeping.

    Pollination: This service is available to growers in the Tularosa Basin and adjacent areas. Our honeybee colonies are placed a grower's field or orchard to increase crop yield. Check our Pollination Information Page for more details.

    Speaker Services: In order to increase knowledge and promote awareness about honeybees, we provide speaker services. We are particularly interested in making presentations to school groups.

    Swarm Removal: We will remove honeybee swarms. Time is of the essence in collecting bee swarms so requests to remove them should be made by telephone. In some instances, we will remove nesting honeybees. Call us to discuss the particulars of your situation. Check our Homeowner's Information Page for measures you should take to prevent nesting of honeybees on your property.